Amazon Alexa - will it be in Polish?

Amazon alexa in Polish

Amazon Alexa is one of the most interesting voice assistants on the market. Its competitors include the Google Assistant, which works in Polish, and the unpolished Siri from Apple. Alexa's trump card is the Amazon Echo speakers, which are a great option for laying the groundwork for a smart home.

What is Alexa?

As mentioned at the outset, Alexa is a voice assistant that was created by Amazon. The program is integrated into a number of different devices from the brand, but it can also successfully operate on third-party hardware outside the ecosystem.

Before going into a detailed discussion of the capabilities of this voice assistant, it is still necessary to mention that it can act as a kind of brain for any smart home system. Very importantly, Alexa is available for purchase over the Internet without the slightest problem also in Poland. Its disadvantage, however, is that it does not support the Polish language.

When will Alexa be in Polish?

Amazon Alexa has existed since 2014 in various versions, it is now 2022 and we still haven't seen a Polish language version in it. The most popular version of Alexa is the one in English, and besides it, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Hindi are supported.

Amazon has so far not graced us with any official announcement on whether we will get Amazon Alexa in Polish.

What capabilities does Alexa have?

Now that it's clear what Alexa is, it's worth finding out what specific functions it has. Are its capabilities limited to changing the channel or checking the current weather? Or, however, can it do something more and has something to amaze users with?

By far the most basic feature, of course, is the ability to ask questions, which Alexa will find the answer to within moments by searching the Internet for that purpose. However, this is only the beginning of the fun with this system. It spreads its wings the moment you connect it with various smart home applications. This allows Alexa, for example, to control the lights in the house in individual rooms. It can turn them on and off, but also dim and brighten them. In addition, Alexa is able to voice-operate an app with music, movies, and can even order food.

What are the alternatives to Amazon Alexa?

As you can easily guess, Alexa is not the only system of its kind available on the market. However, the question arises, are the alternatives just as good? Competitors to Alexa include:

  • Siri from Apple
  • Google Assistant for Androids
  • Mycroft - an open-source project on Linux and Raspberry Pi

There are two more assistants on the market, namely Siri from Apple, and the Google Assistant system. How do they differ from Alexa? Siri, like Amazon's system, does not support Polish, while Google Assistant can do so, but it only works on Android devices, which significantly limits its capabilities compared to the competition, which handles external devices without any problems. The rest of the functions, i.e. those of the smart home or those related to the operation of individual applications, are actually similar and feature similar performance.

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