Review and opinion on Canva service

Canva is a platform with which you can prepare a variety of graphics, and you don't need to be a professional computer graphic designer at all. It is enough to have a bit of creativity and basic skills, aesthetic sense and access to intuitive programs that are additionally easy to use. Canva is just such a tool that will make your work in advertising or marketing easier. Who should use... Continue reading Recenzja i opinia o serwisie Canva

Free fonts with Polish characters

Where to look for free fonts, fonts with Polish diacritical marks on the Internet? Fortunately, there are quite a few such places, and there is no shortage of high-quality fonts. Another issue is the commercial use of such fonts, but many of them allow it, and others may be paid or a different type of license. The most popular Polish fonts The most popular fonts with Polish characters are. Continue reading Darmowe czcionki z polskimi znakami

Golden division in graphics

Golden ratio - also known as golden ratio, golden ratio, divine proportion or harmonic division is a fascinating mathematical concept based on the Greek phi ratio (ϕ) and the Fibonacci sequence. In simple words - golden division occurs when: two quantities are divided in such a way that their ratio is the same as the ratio of their... Continue reading Złoty podział w grafice

Where to promote your graphic design portfolio?

Many novice graphic designers face a serious challenge: how to promote their work on the Internet? This is not a simple task, and the answer will be a little different depending on what you create and what you want to achieve. But in this article we will try to give a little insight into this topic. The basis is to build your own graphic portfolio. We can do this in a fairly easy... Continue reading Gdzie promować swoje portfolio graficzne?

The sign book - what is it? Is it needed?

An original, interesting and eye-catching logo is a big step on the way to marketing success for a company. However, full success can only be achieved if it is used in the right way. In this, a brand book (in English: "brand book") will be extremely helpful. What is a brand book? The brand book is a kind of instruction manual for the company logo.... Continue reading Księga znaku – co to? Czy jest potrzebna?

Graphic tablet for beginner graphic designers - a guide

Nowadays, the work of a graphic designer or designer can be much easier with the right equipment. An increasing number of manufacturers offer tablets for graphic designers, which allow you to perfectly reproduce the artist's thought through the ability to draw by touch. With the help of a highly sensitive screen and a precise stylus, you can create real works of art. How to choose the first tablet for a beginner? The ideal tablet... Continue reading Tablet graficzny dla początkujących grafików – poradnik

Best pixel art programs (free too!)

Pixel art is a great tool for creating simple computer graphics, which we can then use, for example, in computer games. The pixel art aesthetic has its roots in eight- and sixteen-bit computers and game consoles, but is also found, for example, in calculators. The best paid and free programs for pixelart In what programs is it best to start creating pixel graphics.... Continue reading Najlepsze programy do pixel art-u (też darmowe!)