How to use Dropbox effectively?

A free service like Dropbox is very good at syncing files between computers, and it has much more potential. Here I will present some ideas for using Dropbox in ways you haven't even thought of. If you haven't read our first article on this topic, we recommend you take a look, we wrote there about syncing passwords between PCs, accessing portable... Continue reading Jak efektywnie używać Dropboxa?

How to browse the Internet anonymously?

Although many believe that our online activity is anonymous, much of the information is transmitted to and from the sites we browse. The history of the sites you browse is available on your computer even when you close the browser, and most sites retain visitors' IP addresses and other statistics. For those who would like to browse anonymously,... Continue reading Jak przeglądać Internet anonimowo?

How to manage passwords from Safari?

When you log in to a website that requires a login and password, Safari will ask you if you want to keep this information for future reference. If you choose to keep your password, Safari will remember the information and automatically use that every time you want to log in to that site. Having Safari to remember your passwords is a great time saver and will also save you... Continue reading Jak zarządzać hasłami z Safari?

How to use CCleaner to clear the context menu?

CCleaner was one of the first tools created to optimize and clean up Windows by deleting temporary files, web browsing history or unwanted files. Over the years, the creator of this program has updated it, added many useful features and it is now the best free tool available for Windows. CCleaner has always been a good repair software. It allows you to uninstall programs, remove programs,... Continue reading Jak użyć CCleaner do wyczyszczenia menu kontekstowego?

PotPlayer - or advanced video player for Windows

When talking about media players, Windows users have a lot to choose from. Most users prefer VLC player because of its support for a large number of video formats, but some use GOM, Media Player Classic or SMPlayer. PotPlayer is a free video player for Windows that is still achieving popularity today. PotPlayer was designed by former KMPlayer developers, Daum... Continue reading PotPlayer – czyli zaawansowany odtwarzacz video dla Windows

How to block browser plug-ins, extensions and add-ons?

Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox call them add-ons, while Google Chrome calls them extensions. Without particularly noting it, third-party files extend the browser's capabilities, not just for browsing reasons. Every major browser manufacturer offers a gallery with thousands of add-ons that enhance browsing capabilities, give better functionality with social networks like Facebook and Twitter,... Continue reading Jak zablokować pluginy w przeglądarkach, rozszerzenia i dodatki?