The best free programs for updating drivers on Windows

To update drivers on Windows, the easiest way is to download a suitable driver update program. This can be done, for example, by searching the Internet for free driver update programs such as Snappy or DriverEasy. Remember to download them only from official websites or trusted sources to avoid installing malware. After installing the program, run it... Continue reading Najlepsze darmowe programy do aktualizacji sterowników w Windows

How to split the monitor screen in half on a computer?

I guess it sometimes happens to each of us when every now and then we have to switch between two windows on the computer. Such a situation can be annoying and, worse, can lead to errors. You can adjust the size of the windows of each program, but there is a better way. You can split the monitor screen. In this tutorial we will explain, step by step, how to split the screen into... Continue reading Jak podzielić ekran monitora na pół na komputerze?

Unable to get IP address when connecting to Wifi network

If you get an error that "Can't get an IP address when connecting to a Wi-Fi network" or stop at "Getting an IP address..." it's usually a problem with the device or network card misreading the IP address. How to fix it? By setting a static IP address on your network card, router or phone. Even before setting a fixed... Continue reading Nie można uzyskać adresu IP podczas łączenia z siecią Wifi

What to do when the computer spontaneously turns on?

In the evening, at the end of the day, we turn off the computer, and it can turn on by itself at night or the next day without any reason. What is the cause of such a self-activation of the computer whether from complete shutdown, from hibernation or from sleep and how to remedy it? The best way to find out what is waking up our Windows computer.... Continue reading Co zrobić gdy komputer samoczynnie się włącza?

How to turn the computer screen?

How to flip, rotate the screen on a computer or laptop by 90 or 180 degrees? Keyboard shortcut to flip the screen The easiest way to flip the monitor screen is to use a keyboard shortcut. These almost always work on laptops, less often on PCs. Here are the two most common keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + Alt + up/down/right/left arrow Ctrl + Alt + Page... Continue reading Jak odwrócić ekran komputera?

How to hide the Windows taskbar?

The Windows taskbar is that bottom or top bar by which we can switch between windows of programs in Windows, we will also see on it the current date and time, the Start menu and the so-called tray bar with applications running in the background. How to hide this taskbar if we want, for example, to increase the working area.... Continue reading Jak ukryć pasek zadań Windows?

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ReadyBoost in Windows - what is it, how to enable it?

Regardless of the parameters of their hardware, computer users are constantly looking for ways to optimize their computers to reduce the time required to perform operations. Some actions of this nature can be carried out from the system level - a good example in Windows would be the ReadyBoost program, which users had the opportunity to get acquainted with at the launch of Windows Vista in 2007.... Continue reading ReadyBoost w Windows – co to jest, jak włączyć?

How to shrink or enlarge desktop icons in Windows?

In the following tutorial you will learn how you can resize desktop icons in Windows 7, 8 and 10. There are two basic ways to do this. Both two are very easy and uncomplicated, but for those who are not very familiar with computers, it's worth breaking it down in a few steps. The first way is to reduce or enlarge the icons on the... Continue reading Jak zmniejszyć lub powiększyć ikony na pulpicie w Windows?