How to turn the computer screen?

How do you flip, rotate 90 or 180 degrees the screen on a computer or laptop?

Keyboard shortcut for reversing the screen

The easiest way to rotate the monitor screen is to use a keyboard shortcut. These almost always work on laptops, less often on PCs. Here are two of the most common keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl + Alt + up/down/right/left arrow

Ctrl + Alt + Page Up/Page Down

Rotating the screen on Windows

If these keyboard shortcuts do not work, you need to change the orientation of the monitor screen through the settings in Windows.

  1. We click the Windows logo.
  2. Select the Settings icon just above the Windows logo.
  3. Click the System option.
  4. Switch to the Screen tab.
  5. We change the orientation of the display from horizontal to vertical or inverted horizontal.
  6. The screen will automatically rotate and, if we do not apply the changes, it will return to its previous state after 15 seconds.

Rotating the screen on Mac OS

We open System Preferences (Apple logo) in the lower left corner of the screen -> Display option -> Display -> Rotation. By default, the rotation is standard, but we can change it to 90, 180 or 270 degrees, which will rotate our screen to the right, up or left.

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  1. thanks, it works. if you have a monitor with PIVOT function then you can also manually rotate it 90 degrees in any direction

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