How to split the monitor screen in half on a computer?

I guess it sometimes happens to each of us when every now and then we have to switch between two windows on the computer. Such a situation can be annoying and, worse, can lead to errors. You can adjust the size of the windows of each program, but there is a better way. You can split the monitor screen. In this tutorial we will explain, step by step, how to split the screen in half on your computer.

When is it useful to divide a monitor screen into two equal halves?

Split screens are notoriously used by computer analysts and graphic designers of all kinds, unless they use more than one screen. By displaying two windows with different sets of data or graphics, it is much easier to compare them. However, splitting a monitor window is useful not only during work. In private, doing a transfer or comparing products before buying, we will certainly appreciate such an option.

Until recently, splitting the screen into two windows could only be done in some programs, and it was not always a convenient option. Since Windows 10 appeared on the market this has changed strongly. Since this version of the system, the screen on your computer can be split in a few simple steps.

How to split the screen into two parts on a computer/laptop?

It's easy to split your screen in half in Windows 10, just use the Snap Assist tool. It allows you to split the screen into two, three or four parts. This makes it easier to compare data in different windows, or, for example, to rewrite your account number when shopping online. The tool can be used with the keyboard or mouse.

Snap Assist in Windows 10 - working with multiple windows

Splitting the screen in Windows 10 using the mouse (or touchpad) is very simple. We start by selecting the title of one of the windows we want to display. We "grab" it with the mouse and drag it to the edge of the monitor. When the cursor is at the edge of the screen, the system will show us an outline where we can choose where to drag. By dragging the window to the left or right, we can divide the screen into two horizontal parts. By dragging it to the top edge, we can divide the screen into four equal parts. Using the Snap Assist tool, we can also split the screen into two horizontal parts.

Although splitting the screen in two using the mouse is very intuitive, there are some people who prefer to perform such tasks using the keyboard. Such people in Windows 10 will also manage without any problems. All you have to do is select the window you want to display and simultaneously press the Windows key and the left or right arrow (depending on which side you want your selected window to appear on). A list of open windows will appear on the other half of the screen, from which you can select what you want to display there. A window divided in this way can be divided in half again by again selecting its title and clicking the Windows key and the Up or Down Arrow at the same time. This way you can split the window into three or four parts.

How to disable split screen?

Undoing the splitting of the screen into two or more parts is very simple. Just select one of the windows and press the maximize button. Alternatively, you can do it using the keyboard. To do this, press the Windows key twice while simultaneously pressing the up arrow.

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