How to check your phone number?

Did you forget your phone number? It happens, we know the solution to it. If you have a SIM card inserted in your phone on Android/iOS or any other cell phone operating system then the simplest option is to use a special code and confirm it with the handset.

Mobile networkSpecial operator code showing phone number
Play (Virgin Mobile, RB Mobile)We choose *121# and confirm with the handset of the call
Plus (Plush)We choose *132# and confirm with the handset of the call
T-Mobile (Heyah, tuBiedronka)We choose *100# and confirm with the handset of the call
OrangeWe call at *555 And we listen to the message. We click 2 and write down the number
nju mobileWe call at *630
How do I check my phone number through a special phone carrier code?

Above in the table we have presented special codes that we just need to dial on the phone, just as if we were calling a mobile number, but here we will still use special characters and confirm them with the handset. After a few seconds of waiting, we will receive a return message on the screen of our device with the phone number we are expecting, which is permanently assigned to a specific SIM card that is inside the device we are using.

For the three popular networks in Poland, Play, Plus and T-Mobile, the codes start with an asterisk and end with a check mark. The situation is different for Organe and nju mobile, where we enter an asterisk, three digits of the code and confirm with the handset button on our cell phone.

Some devices, smartphones on Android have our phone number stored. To check it we can go to Settings -> Phone or device information. The next option to choose will be Status or Status, depending on the model of the device we use. Here at the bottom should be the phone number.

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