How do I enable USB debugging on my phone?

In Android 4.2, Google hid the Developer Options because most "normal" users don't need access to this feature. It causes less embarrassment if this option is hidden. When you need to enable Developer Options, that is, for example, USB debugging, you can enable it by going to the "Device Information" section in Settings.

How to access the Developer Options menu on Android?

To enable programming options, go to Settings, scroll the screen to the very end and press
"Device Information".

Scroll to the very end of "Device information" and find "Compilation number".

Press on "Complication Number" seven times to enable Programming Options. After pressing a few times, you will see a message with a countdown that reads roughly like this: "X steps remain to become a programmer."

When you are done, you will see the message "You are now a programmer!"

Click the back button and you will see "Developer Options" above the "Device Information" section. This menu is now enabled on your device - you don't have to repeat the entire process unless you revert to factory settings.

How to enable USB Debugging?

To enable USB debugging, you need to go to the "Developer Options" menu, scroll to the "Debugging" section and enable "USB debugging."

Some time ago, USB debugging was considered a security risk when it was enabled all the time. Google has tweaked a few things to make this currently less of a problem - as USB debugging must be confirmed when connected to a computer. When you connect the phone, it pops up a message whether to allow USB debugging (as seen in the following

If you want to disable USB debugging and other programming options when you don't need them, just turn them off at the very top of the "Programming Options" screen.

Developer options are a powerful option for developers, but that doesn't mean that people other than developers can't benefit from them. USB debugging is required for things like ADB, which is instead used to root devices. And rooting devices on android offers a ton of possibilities.

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