Examples of social media crises

Social media crises

Image or social media marketing crises are an everyday occurrence. They can be caused by many different factors, such as poor management or, for example, a disgruntled former employee. What other examples can we find? We also present links to reports.

Major sources of social media crises according to AdWatch report:

  • Network, program failures, etc.
  • gossip
  • Inability to communicate with internet users
  • organizational problems
  • unintended consequences of deliberate actions

Examples of company crises in social media:

Social media crisis reports

  • Crisis in the age of Facebook https://www.sotrender.com/pdfs/kryzys-w-czasach-facebooka.pdf
  • Social media crises - https://issuu.com/marketing-news/docs/adwatch_raport_kryzys_w_social_media_2012_05_web
  • Crisis management using social media - https://bazhum.muzhp.pl/media/files/Marketing_Instytucji_Naukowych_i_Badawczych/Marketing_Instytucji_Naukowych_i_Badawczych-r2012-t-n3(4)/Marketing_Institutions_Scientific_and_Research-r2012-t-n3(4)-s265-279/Marketing_Institutions_Scientific_and_Research-r2012-t-n3(4)-s265-279.pdf
  • How brands (don't) handle a social media crisis. Examples of crisis management

What to do in a social media crisis?

  1. Don't fight with the fans, it won't do any good, only negative effects
  2. Don't delete fanpage posts - practically nothing is lost on the Internet, and in crisis situations Internet users are more likely to take screenshots
  3. Don't pretend that nothing has happened - issue a statement, have a dialogue with users and try to resolve the crisis as soon as possible
  4. Do not perform unethical and illegal activities
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