How to open a hidden system partition in Windows 7?

Users who have done a clean installation of Windows 7 on a blank or new drive may not know that Windows 7 creates a 100 MB reserved partition before installing Windows 7. This partition contains boot and recovery files for possible system recovery, plus you can't delete it. By default, Windows 7 hides it in... Continue reading Jak otworzyć ukrytą systemową partycję w Windows 7?

How to create an account on Gmail?

An email address is a staple if you want to keep up to date with events and want to communicate with loved ones, on business or other matters. Gmail used to be an invitation-only email client, meaning that if someone new wanted to join, they had to get an invitation from an existing Gmail user. This has changed over time, and now it is available to everyone.... Continue reading Jak założyć konto na Gmail?