Which health and safety program for the company should I choose?

Comparison of health and safety software

Health and safety software is not essential for small companies, but if you manage health and safety in a company with more than 50 or 100 employees, it will be very useful and will automate many processes for you. What computer software for OSH management in a company is worth choosing and what options are available that comply with Polish standards and OSH regulations?


BHPin is a software for managing OSH in a company in a subscription payment for 70 PLN gross/month, 63 PLN per month when paying quarterly in advance or 56 PLN per month paying for the whole year in advance. In addition, there is a 30-day free trial period of this software.

The available modules in the program are:

  • Companies - managing contractors, downloading data from the CSO
  • Employees - management of employees, control of training dates and medical examinations
  • Training - creating training and providing documentation
  • Risk assessment - generation of risk assessment documents
  • Checks - create checks from ready-made sets of questions
  • Accidents - post-accident documentation wizard


VITS is health and safety software dedicated to rather large enterprises, they offer a free trial period for 30 days, and prices depend on the number of employees supported in the system, the cheapest package is PLN 690 per month in the SaaS model for up to 150 employees.

VITS Health and Safety Program

Modules in the VITS program:

  • Incident management
  • Occupational risk assessment
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Job instructions
  • Data analysis and monitoring
  • Health and safety document management

ITgenerator - a health and safety application

Electronic register of occupational accidents for OSH

Health and safety application from ITgenerator is also a health and safety program aimed at large companies. Its cost is PLN 1,900 per month in the subscription model, or PLN 59,000 for full implementation of the web application, import of data and files and support of the system for 12 months.

This system focuses primarily on automating the registration and management of accidents, replacing Excel.

Vademecum of Occupational Health and Safety

Vademecum BHP is a Windows application, with prices starting at PLN 2590 one-time, with additional paid program updates.

The available modules in Vademecum OSH are:

  • Occupational Risk Assessment,
  • Training improvement study,
  • Job audit,
  • Accidents at work,
  • Student accidents,
  • Personal protective equipment,
  • Energy Expenditure Calculator,
  • Harmful factors,
  • Staff,
  • PIP inspection,
  • Legislation,
  • Documents,
  • Occupational health and safety job instructions,
  • Health and Safety Analysis,
  • Schedule

Health and Safety Assistant Program

Health and Safety Assistant is a Windows 7/8/10 program, priced at PLN 2583. It was created by Tarbonus company. It contains modules such as:

  • plants
  • plant structure
  • documents
  • accidents and occupational diseases
  • occupational risk
  • analysis of the state of health and safety in the plant
  • training
  • records
  • sample documents in PDF
  • calendar with schedule function

In addition, the Health and Safety Assistant Portal is available, which includes a database of legislation, publications, legal commentary and useful tools for daily work.

Why do I need a health and safety program in my company?

Corporate health and safety management systems are mainly aimed at replacing often archaic Excel sheets and paper documentation in favor of a modern system, often web-based, that streamlines the work of companies' health and safety officers. Such systems are usually compliant with Polish OSH standards, such as ISO 45001, and allow for data monitoring, automation of records, dispatch of OSH training, etc.

Is there a free program for health and safety?

Generally yes, but we have to create it ourselves, and it is Microsoft Excel. There are several ready-made worksheets available on the Internet for making, for example, an analysis of the state of health and safety in the company, creating a record of employee training, and much more. However, you need to adjust them yourself to the specifics and scale of the company.

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