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The selection of a video surveillance system affects the security of the object being secured - both people and valuable property. An interesting choice in this regard is Dahua DVR. In the article we present the most important information about the devices of this manufacturer.

Modern video surveillance systems, along with SSWiN alarm installations, have become a firm fixture in commercial facilities as well as industrial plants and single-family homes. Regardless of the place of installation and operation, their use brings a number of tangible security benefits. They provide round-the-clock video surveillance, while also archiving images from cameras installed inside and outside buildings.

Increasingly, users are choosing to deploy the latest monitoring systems operating with IP technology. At the same time, many are already using older CCTV installations. In that case, hybrid devices are a good choice. Regardless of the situation, an interesting choice is DVR from DahuaIt is to the constructions of this manufacturer that we devote today's article. Their peculiarities and advantages are described later in the text.

Dahua brand - trusted provider of video surveillance systems

Present in global markets since 2001, the Chinese brand Dahua is a trusted provider of video surveillance systems for home and commercial applications. It is among the leading manufacturers of video surveillance equipment - DVRs, cameras, adapters and accessories. It is worth mentioning that the high quality of products supplied by Dahua made it the world's second largest supplier of CCTV solutions in 2016.

Professional Dahua DVRs available from companies such as. EC System storeallow not only the construction of new, but also the expansion of older video surveillance systems. Thanks to compatibility with both IP protocol and AHD, HD-TVI, CVBS and HD-CVI standards, they allow to extend the capabilities of existing analog installations, without the need to implement completely new solutions and a thorough rebuilding of the system.

Dahua DVR - why choose it?

Users looking for efficient equipment for the implementation of CCTV and IP monitoring systems often ask why it is worth choosing a Dahua DVR. The equipment is characterized by a number of measurable advantages, about which we write below.

  • The devices work with modern video surveillance management interfaces - mobile application, computer software and web server.
  • The Dahua DVR can be used to expand an existing analog system and extend its capabilities with features available for IP surveillance.
  • The products have implemented efficient and fast codecs for video compression, such as MPEG4, as well as H.265 and H.264.
  • Dahua-brand equipment are DVRs that support many modern network protocols compatible with IP surveillance systems.
  • High-performance interfaces are responsible for video archiving, enabling high-speed video storage on HDDs up to several TB in size.
  • The use of a powerful processor and a reliable Linux operating system is a guarantee of stable monitoring operation.
  • The devices can work with IP cameras from a variety of manufacturers and provide support for high-definition video transmission.

A big advantage of choosing Dahua equipment is that the DVRs are equipped with a number of practical communication ports - USB, HDMI or VGA. In this way, they can be connected directly to a TV or other devices.

Choose a professional Dahua DVR from the offer of the EC System store!

If you are looking for reliable equipment for building a video surveillance system for your home or business, then choose a professional Dahua DVR from the offer of the EC System store! Specialists will help you choose equipment with parameters, tailored to your individual expectations.

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