Monitoring system for a single-family house - which one to choose?

It is estimated that in Poland up to every 8 minutes a burglary occurs in private homes and apartments. Beforehand, thieves usually observe the property in question and check the daily schedule of the household members. They attack when they know or suspect that there may be valuables or cash reserves in the house. Owners can record an attempted break-in or crime with surveillance cameras. Image records from such devices help detect the perpetrators of theft.

A good monitoring plan is very important

When planning the construction of a house, you need to take into account quite a lot of issues, anticipate the size and layout of rooms, the connection of utilities, or the method of heating. At this stage, in addition to the necessary electrical or plumbing installations, you also need to plan the distribution of monitoring. Thus, you can avoid chipping the walls in the future to run cables. At the stage of making plans, it is worth considering the locations where the cameras will be located, the power supply of the system, as well as the recorder. Undoubtedly, if the house has already been finished, you can still install a surveillance system. Just expect some inconveniences having to do with the distribution of cables. In practical terms, laying out the location of the monitoring system will not be easy, and it is best to hire professionals with the right knowledge, as well as experience, to do it.


An important issue when choosing the right video surveillance system for your home, will be the purchase of cameras that record video - with or without sound. A good device should be characterized by high-quality video recording. The recordings must be clear enough so that at least the police can recognize the faces of thieves on them. When selecting surveillance cameras, one should not consider only their price. More often than not, a small purchase cost means poor quality footage, which will not contribute anything to the case if someone breaks into the property or, worse, the house.

Surveillance in a single-family home should use cameras with the highest quality of recorded images. In general, the higher the resolution of a given camera, the better is also the quality of the image obtained. At a minimum, the cameras are considered to record images in HD quality, with a resolution of 1280 × 720. A better solution for home monitoring, will be Full HD models, through which the image can be recorded at a resolution of 1920 × 1080. In this case, however, the files will take up more space on the hard drive or memory card, so the camera should be equipped with a larger memory. The device for monitoring the house, we must also choose for the number of frames recorded per second. At 24 frames per second, the image is already sufficiently smooth. 

Wired or wireless surveillance?

Although wireless systems are available on the market, it is better to bet on transmission using cables. Monitoring based on a wired network is irreplaceable and not very susceptible to any interference. Undoubtedly, the installation of wired monitoring is more labor-intensive, but if the work is carried out in a professional manner, this type of connection will work trouble-free for a long time. Wireless monitoring is based on radio transmission, which can be easily disrupted or intercepted. It is enough to use a simple device, namely a jammer, which will make the monitoring system useless even from a distance of 25 meters.

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