Damaged matrix in a laptop - what to do?

The display of a laptop can be damaged due to a variety of factors - the most common causes of a non-functioning matrix include various types of mechanical trauma.

Damage to the matrix - the most common causes

The construction of the matrix, one of the key components of a laptop, is based on the use of advanced technology based on the phenomenon of light polarization. Any interference with the delicate structure of the matrix requires considerable experience and specialized knowledge. It is worth remembering that attempts to repair the matrix on your own can lead to the destruction of key components of the device.

Among the most common causes of damage to the matrix of a laptop are various types of mechanical trauma - a fall from a height, flooding or crushing can lead to serious problems with the functioning of the matrix. A tear or complete rupture of the ribbon can also lead to sizable problems with the matrix, malfunctioning of the matrix can also be caused by a short circuit of electronic components of the motherboard. A common problem for laptop users is also so-called dead pixels, which are defects that arise during the production phase of the equipment.

Symptoms of a defective matrix in a laptop computer

One of the most visible symptoms of damage to the matrix of a laptop is a cracked display - it is worth remembering that a damaged display is quite a nuisance fault, which can prevent the free use of the laptop. A cracked display is an often ignored problem - it is worth noting that damage to the display may not initially cause major problems, but over time a fault of this type can lead to irreparable damage to the equipment.

Problems with the functioning of the matrix in a laptop can also result in poor visibility - in this case, the source of the problem is most often a defect that prevents the matrix from backlighting correctly. A common symptom of matrix malfunction is also various types of discoloration and stains appearing on the surface of the display.

Another of the symptoms of a damaged die are black spots or a completely non-functioning display - symptoms of this type in most cases will mean a broken die. Colored stripes, on the other hand, will turn out to be a sign of tape damage.

One of the common symptoms of matrix damage are also so-called dead pixels - single black, colored or white dots appearing on the display are a manufacturing defect, which arises already at the stage of equipment production. It is worth remembering that in the case of damaged pixels, the repair of the matrix is not impossible, so the only solution in such a case will turn out to be the replacement of the damaged element.

Replacement or repair of the matrix - which option to choose?

In the case of irregularities in the functioning of the matrix of a laptop, it will prove to be extremely important to correctly diagnose the problem. It is worth remembering that the matrix can be damaged as a result of many different factors - among other things, various types of mechanical trauma can contribute to the damage of the matrix. If the matrix malfunctions due to a bump, dent or crush, it will be necessary to replace the damaged component. Replacement of the matrix may also be unavoidable in case of problems with dead pixels.

The repair will only be possible in a situation where there is no mechanical damage to the matrix - a broken ribbon or failure of one of the matrix components does not necessarily mean that the entire component must be replaced. It is worth noting that the matrix can also fail due to the failure of the graphics card or problems with the functioning of the motherboard - in such cases, the replacement of the defective component should solve the problem of a non-functioning matrix.

How to recover data in case of a damaged matrix in a laptop?

Recovering data from the hard drive when the laptop monitor does not work (is broken) is not very complicated.

The simplest method is to unplug the hard drive from the laptop and connect it to a desktop computer, or to any computer/laptop using a SATA/USB adapter.

What will be the repair cost for a broken matrix in a laptop? If the damage does not involve the external part of the matrix then we will often fit in 300-500zł. On the other hand, if the matrix needs to be replaced then the cost will be the price of a new matrix + the cost of replacement by a service technician.

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